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Computer Warranty Services Corporation
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About CWSC®

Computer Warranty Services Corporation (CWSC®) is a virtually integrated digital equipment and data protection solutions provider, focused on assuring the optimum functional, secure, and economically efficient ownership and user experience possible. The genesis of CWSC® epitomizes the practical application of the proverb, "necessity is the mother of invention". The founders were operators of a computer system builder and system integration business in the 1990's, when the growth of their business created the requirement for a national company to provide next business day on-site repair for equipment covered under an extended warranty program, and to do so with consistent reliability at a price point that would be competitive in the computer hardware marketplace. The founders recognized the market need when not one company existed that met any other requirement than they offered extended warranty programs, and being entrepreneurs, having a napkin to draw out the structural and operational details of the solution, they immediately launched the business to fill the void.

That was 1999, and many warranties later, that entrepreneurship, has evolved from that recognition of an opportunity to a more structured and North American focused LLC in 2002, to an international provider of the most creative and innovative comprehensive digital equipment and data protection plan solutions in the marketplace today. This continued growth and expansion brings the next step of the evolution, with the restructuring into a Chapter C corporation.

CWSC® continues on from our foundations as a Registered Veteran Owned Business, and the leadership has drawn from a combination of extensive military, major corporate, entrepreneurial, and specific computer system builder and integrator experience to create programs that meet the real world requirements of our customers. The world has quickly evolved into a digitally controlled environment. We create, transmit, and store every aspect of our personal and business lives digitally, and keeping the digital devices working that we use for these pervasive aspects of our lives, and keeping the resulting data, which we see has the life blood of our daily lives, is what CWSC® considers our critical mission.

CWSC® is vertically integrated, which means we underwrite, administer, and provide the prepare services of our protection plans. Why? Because it provides us the flexibility to design protection plans that actually protect your devices, not just passively respond after you are inconvenienced by an equipment or device failure. CWSC® is the only company that provides proactive services to detect potential problems and prevent symptoms from turning into problems, giving us an opportunity to provide a solution before a failure ever occurs.

CWSC® is the industry innovation leader introducing the first next business day on-site and local walk-in repair facilities, so if failures do occur the impact of being without a device is minimized. Vertical integration also eliminates the delays and finger pointing of other programs available in the marketplace, we don't answer to or have to ask permission of some ivory tower insurance company that has no experience of working with digital equipment or data, insurance companies look at actuarial tables and complex statistical analysis to determine how to maximize profitability, not how to provide the best protection or service for you.

It is rather simple at CWSC®, we provide protection plans that are simple to understand, your digital equipment and data is critical to the quality of your total ownership experience of digital equipment and generally to the overall quality of your digital life. CWSC® considers it mission critical to provide the creative, innovative, comprehensive protection plans that meet your specific digital life requirements that optimize your technology ownership experience and maximize the return on your digital technology investment. We look forward to be of Service to you!

Computer Warranty Services Corporation, ensuring your IT equipment and systems are working optimally Around The Clock and Around The World!

CWSC SECURE DRIVE Cloud Backup & Storage

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CWS Is A Registered Veteran Owned Company

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Computer Warranty Services Corporation
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