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CWSC SecureMailStor©


CWSC SecureMailStor© is a hosted email archive solution designed for maximum security, unlimited scalability, ease of use, and requiring no ongoing maintenance. CWSC SecureMailStor© provides storage for all your inbound, outbound, and internal messages in multiple, geographically distributed datacenters. This comprehensive historical email archive service provides easy to use management tools to minimize time to comply with e-discovery law requirements, and reporting to protect against company confidential data leakage.

So Much More than Email Storage:
CWSC SecureMailStor© will archive and manage ALL of the company’s electronic communications history including:

  • Emails and attachments
  • Faxes
  • SMS – text messages
  • Voice messages

You will be able to find any electronic communication that has taken place to or from the company.

Save on Storage:
CWSC SecureMailStor© automatically archives email into a secure central hosted facility to increase:

  • Record retention efficiency
  • Improve server performance
  • Reduce email server storage infrastructure requirements and related capital investment

Eliminate Cumbersome PST Files:
CWSC SecureMailStor© provides users the power to browse and retrieve past communications from a central database rather than using cumbersome search options for PST files on disk to find a lost or deleted email or attachment.

Facilitate Compliance with Electronic Records Legal Requirements:
Domestic and international companies are required to maintain electronic records and correspondence to meet compliance with various laws and regulations. Records must be guaranteed to be complete and stored in their original form. Failure to comply can result in substantial fines and possibly even incarceration.

CWSC SecureMailStor© provides your company the ability to meet compliance standards by archiving all electronic correspondence in a single secure, tamper-proof storage facility, for a specified period of time you’re you select.

Archiving rules and retention policies can be customized to meet your specific jurisdiction legal requirements to categorize emails and ensure they are stored for the required time period. CWSC SecureMailStor© also includes an audit trail function to monitor database and use activity, enabling you to prove the archived emails have not been altered.

CWSC SecureMailStor© advanced search features can be used to quickly and easily find and retrieve the data required to meet e-discovery or specific data requests.

*Acts and regulations include but are not limited to: Sarbanes-Oxley Act, E-Commerce Act, Enterprise Act, E-Discovery Act, and many others both Federal and local that all require similar archiving and retrieval of e-correspondence.

Anywhere, Anytime Access:
CWSC SecureMailStor© provides the peace of mind that you can access important email or attachment even when you are away from the office. Accidently deleting or not being able to find a critical email or attachment can be quite disturbing. You can always access the CWSC SecureMailStor© archive file and find any email that may have been deleted on your local drive.

Advanced Search:
CWSC SecureMailStor© automatically indexes every message, attachment and document before it is saved. Users can easily find and retrieve lost or deleted emails. Users can build complex search rules based on date, sender, recipient, and keywords.

Stored Data Intelligence Reports:
CWSC SecureMailStor© management reporting provides you with the ability to leverage the data stored within the archive to compile and extract relative business intelligence and deliver these valuable informational reports to management or IT administrators.
*To learn more see CWSC SecureMailStor© Management Intelligence Reporting Features

Storage Options:
CWSC SecureMailStor© provides you with great flexibility to meet your specific business requirements or personal preferences. You can select to use journaling functionality to archive all email generated communication. You can also select to use rule-based archiving to selectively archive emails based on specific criteria. You can define rules based on sender, recipient, keywords or a combination of the three criteria. This provides the flexibility to automatically archive, but also control which emails are included.

CWSC SecureMailStor© also offers a manual archiving option. You can manually archive a single email or a whole folder or emails within Outlook, using the convenient Outlook connector.

CWSC SecureMailStor© can be used with Exchange and other email servers; and can poll email from any mail server that supports IMAP and Active Directory. Anyone using Outlook can manually archive emails regardless of where they are hosted.

Administrator Tools:
CWSC SecureMailStor© includes administrator tools for ease of use. This includes a streamlined installation process that can automatically configure Exchange journaling and folder synchronization. The solution also features a post-install wizard that enables administrators to correctly configure their archive settings.

Businesses and organizations that use or plan to use virtualization on their network can install and use CWSC SecureMailStor© with confidence. CWSC SecureMailStor© supports and runs on the most common virtualization technologies in use, VMWare® Microsoft Virtual Server® and Microsoft Hyper-V®.

Intuitive Web-Based Control Panel:
The web-based control panel allows users to manage the service with a minimum of effort, while also providing access to stored messages anytime, for anywhere.

Optional Integrated CWSC SecureMailProtect©
An optional integrated, affordable, and easy-to-use email security service, provides a complete email security, continuity, and archive solution.

Contact or call (877) 614-7181 x722 to start protecting you email immediately.

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