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New Zealand Consumer Warranty Laws

CWSC® subscribes to the New Zealand Consumer Warranty Laws.

Your rights with warranties

What are your rights with warranties and the Consumer Guarantees Act?

Can the trader charge me to check the goods?

Sometimes the trader may ask for a deposit to cover the cost of checking the goods. If the problem is the fault of the goods then they should refund the deposit and give you a remedy under the Consumer Guarantees Act. The trader should have told you about this policy when they sold you the goods. Otherwise you can tell them you won’t pay it.

Consumer Guarantees Act

Your consumer rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act say that goods must:

  • be fit for the purpose they are made for
  • be safe
  •  be durable – last for a reasonable time
  • have no minor defects
  • be acceptable in look and finish.

How long can I expect my goods to last?

If you have a computer and the warranty is for one year, that doesn’t mean that you expect a new computer to only last one year. It is reasonable to expect that a new computer would last at least five years.  Under the Consumer Guarantees Act you can get a remedy if the goods don't last for a reasonable time.

Reasonable use

You are responsible for looking after the goods. If there are instructions included with the product read these and make sure you are following them. If you accidentally take your new MP3 player swimming with you, and it is not waterproof, it is not the fault of the goods or the trader if the MP3 player stops working.

Got a problem with a warranty?

What to do if you have a problem getting a repair, refund or replacement under a warranty or the Consumer Guaranties Act.

What can I do if something I bought didn’t last as long as I expected it to?

Take the goods back to the shop if you can and show the trader what is wrong. Explain that under the Consumer Guarantees Act they must repair, replace or refund the faulty goods if the problem is minor or give you a refund, replacement or compensation if the problem is serious.  You can also go to the manufacturer or importer to get the problem fixed. You can use the warranty if this applies to your problem, or you can claim compensation.

What if the trader or manufacturer won’t fix the problem?

Write a letter to the manager or head office explaining the problem and what you are asking for. Keep a copy of the letter. If you still can’t agree with the trader you can take your claim to the Disputes Tribunal.

See here for more information on complaining effectively.
See here for more information on the Disputes Tribunal process.

Last updated 15 August 2011

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