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CWSC® Warranty Plan Overview

This document contains warranty information for CWSC® Plan Holders for General branded products.

Note:  This document provides summary information. Please refer to the warranty statement shipped with product for a detailed explanation of the warranty terms associated with a particular product.

Limited Warranty
This Limited Warranty applies only to CWSC®-branded or CWSC® Underwritten Warranty Service Plans for hardware products (collectively referred to in this document as “CWSC® Hardware Products”) sold by or leased from Retail, Wholesale, System Builders, Refreshers, Resellers or Outlet Stores this Limited Warranty. The term “CWSC® Hardware Product” is limited to the hardware components and required firmware. The term “CWSC® Hardware Product” DOES NOT include any software applications or programs, products or branded or non-branded peripherals. All peripherals external to the CWSC® Hardware Product— such as external storage subsystems, displays, printers and other peripherals—are provided “AS IS” without CWSC® warranty. However, manufacturers and suppliers, or publishers may provide their own warranties directly.

CWSC® guarantees that the Hardware Products that you have purchased or leased from one of CWSC® stated sources are free from defects in materials or workmanship under normal use during the Limited Warranty Period. The Limited Warranty Period starts on the date of purchase or lease of the Warranty Service Plan. Your dated service plan receipt, showing the date of plan purchase or lease of the product, is your proof of the purchase or lease date. You may be required to provide proof of purchase or lease of your product as a condition of receiving warranty service. You are entitled to hardware warranty service according to the terms and conditions of this document if a repair to your CWSC® Hardware Product is required within the Limited Warranty Period.

During the Limited Warranty Period, CWSC® will, at its discretion, repair or replace any defective component. All component parts or hardware products removed under this Limited Warranty become the property of CWSC®. In the unlikely event that your Hardware Product has recurring failures, CWSC®, at its sole discretion, may elect to provide you with (a) Repairs or a replacement unit of CWSC’s choosing that is the same or equivalent to your Hardware Product that you have under warranty in performance or (b) to give you a refund of your purchase price or lease payments (less interest) instead of a replacement. This is your exclusive remedy for defective products.

It is mandatory that the unit product number and serial number be made available when requesting a warranty service event. Failure to do so may result in the event being deemed out of warranty by CWSC® or, CWSC's Authorized Service Providers, and therefore chargeable to the requester.

Unless otherwise stated, and to the extent permitted by local law, new Hardware Products may be manufactured using new materials or new and used materials equivalent to new in performance and reliability. CWSC® may repair or replace Hardware Products (a) with new or previously used products or parts equivalent to new in performance and reliability, or (b) with equivalent products to an original product that has been discontinued.  Replacement parts are warranted to be free from defects in material or workmanship for ninety (90) days or, for the remainder of the Limited Warranty Period of the Hardware Product they are replacing or in which they are installed, whichever is longer.


  • Products external to the system processor (CPU) box, such as external storage subsystems, printers and other peripherals, are covered by the applicable warranty for those products or options.
  • An effective repair does not necessarily require the replacement of a defective part. For example, cleaning the heads of a floppy drive or updating revision levels of ROM BIOS on a PCA board are activities that in many instances deliver an effective repair.
  • BIOS/Firmware upgrades are not covered under the basic warranty Terms & Conditions. Firmware that is an integral part of the option hardware board is not automatically upgraded when new versions of firmware are released.

Where a specific hardware product problem is found to be caused by a superseded BIOS/firmware revision on a component, CWSC® will either bring the firmware up to the latest revision, by exchanging the affected component under warranty, or will recommend that the customer upgrade the firmware using Flash-ROM where appropriate. It is essentially the responsibility of the customer to:

  1. Ensure that their software is compatible with the latest BIOS/firmware revision.
  2. Upgrade their firmware to keep it synchronized with the new software releases.    

CWSC® fully understands the concerns raised by customers with regards to the security of any data which may be contained on a hard disk being sent for repair. CWSC's procedures for handling these items start by acknowledging that all such disks may contain sensitive business or technological information and that all appropriate security is in place to safeguard that information.

  1. The procedure for handling depot repair is as follows:
  2. The documents accompanying a depot item, record the warranty ID number, the serial number of the product and a description of the fault.
  3. The first two pieces of information are for warranty verification only
  4. The repair of the item in no way depends on CWSC's ability to read any user data contained on a HDD disk.

Note:  CWSC® does not support the use of degassers to erase data on the disks. Doing so will invalidate the warranty as the degaussing will also erase other data on the disk which is required to format the disk and ensure it operates appropriately, for example sector alignment data, error correction logic, bad sector files and the geometry of the drive.

Even with the above processes, customers may still be reluctant to return defective disks due to confidential data contained on the disks. Customers who wish to retain the original disk will be required to purchase a replacement disk to affect the repair or, purchase the "Defective Material Retention" service offer.  

  • Exclusions  
    CWSC® does not guarantee that the operation of this product will be uninterrupted or error-free. CWSC® is not responsible for damage that occurs as a result of your failure to follow the instructions intended for the hardware product.
    This Limited Warranty does not apply to expendable or consumable parts and does not extend to any product from which:
  • The serial number has been removed, damaged or rendered defective;
    (a)  as a result of accident, misuse, abuse, contamination, improper or inadequate maintenance or calibration or other external causes;
    (b)  by operation outside the usage parameters stated in the user documentation that shipped with the product(including burned monitor screens and incorrect input voltage);
    (c)  by software, interfacing, parts or supplies not supplied by HP
    (d)  improper site preparation or maintenance
    (e)  virus infection
    (f)  loss or damage in transit
    (g) by modification or service by anyone other than 
    (i) Authorized CWSC® representatives 
    (ii) an CWSC® authorized service provider
    (iii) your own installation of end-user replaceable CWSC® approved parts if available for your product in the servicing country or region.


Before returning any unit for service, be sure to back up data and remove any confidential, proprietary, or personal information.

CWSC® is not responsible for any interoperability or compatibility issues that may arise when (1) products, software, or options not supported by CWSC® are used; (2) configurations not supported by the manufacturer are used; (3) parts intended for one system are installed in another system of different make or model

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